PSE Vacanze - The Project is an ongoing project which is constantly evolving. In fact, there are still many areas which need to be covered because of the ever-changing and expanding nature of the business.

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What is

It is the answer to many different needs.

At certain times of the year demand for beds in Porto Sant'elpidio outstrips supply.

Many citizens have vacant apartments that can not be placed on the market because the don't have time or they don't know how to advertise them.

PSEVacanze utilizes these spare rooms; increasing the supply of beds availabe and providing an extra source of income to Citizens.

Who helps us with translation?

- Associations! Sporting, cultural or informal groups that perform simple activities such as cycle tours, which provide a great opportunity to discover landscapes and territories through a more naturalistic approach that would not otherwise be known. The Reviewer in this case could be limited to post articles or reviews of trails; if you want we could give you references to contact the reviewer and maybe go to cycle as part of a group!

- Citizens! For those wishing to share their stories of their work employed in local crafts or industries.

- Schools! These play an important role in providing translations so as to ensure their quality and accuracy.

- Event organizers! You will find a special section of the website listing all events in Porto Sant'elpidio.

How can I become a contributor? Send a request to the site through the Contact section, following a brief assessment we will create an account that will allow you to participate!

We hope you have enjoyed your visit and have found our website useful!